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$29 / month
Keywords 1
Variations 5
Whois Lookups
Historical Data 7 days
Users 1
$79 / month
Keywords 10
Variations 50
Whois Lookups
Historical Data 1 month
Users 1
$149 / month
Keywords 20
Variations 100
Whois Lookups
Historical Data 3 months

What is a Keyword?

Every day we compare newly registered and dropped domains with your keywords and its variations and find domains that contain one of the keyword variations. Keyword can be your company's name, brand or anything you're interested in monitoring.

What is a Variation?

Variation is a domain friendly strings without special characters or spaces and it belongs to a keyword. Each keyword has one variation by default, one that's created from your the keyword name. For example, keyword named Your Brand Name will have variation your-brand-name. Keywords can have many variations, add them manually or just choose from our list of suggestions.

What is a Whois Lookup?

Whois Lookup is a way for you to get more information about a specific domain. Informations like the expiration date, registrant information, etc.

What is Historical Data?

Historical Data means how deep into the past will you matches go.

What are Users?

Users are essentialy team members, people you can invite to your account.

What payment methods are available?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

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